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Moving to a new home can be a challenging time, but when your household includes children, that challenge can be magnified. From leaving behind friends to experiencing a new neighborhood, children typically have a lot of concerns when it comes...
Gated communities have pros and cons that should be carefully considered before you buy.
Looking for safe, inexpensive ways to pet-proof your household? We've got several easy, accessible solutions for homeowners who love their furry friends.
These 5 unusual but thoughtful housewarming gifts will set your recipients' hearts aglow.
These home improvement upgrades provide the biggest bang for your buck, without requiring you to gut your whole house.
Home buying pet owners should leave nothing to chance and work with a realtor who can help them find a warm and loving community for themselves and their pet.
Need help finding the right neighborhood for your next home? As the old saying goes, "the first 3 rules of a successful real estate purchase are location, location, location." Below are five factors that should be at the top of...
Since the real estate bubble deflated seven years ago, many people have learned how to make the most of living their life by adjusting to a slightly smaller house. If you have recently downsized your living arrangement, often work from home, or otherwise...

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