The national real estate market is starting to move, and sellers are getting ready to list their homes to take advantage of this fact. As you prepare to list your home, don’t forget to stage it properly so that it will sell quickly.

Here are some practical ways you can ensure your home is ready to sell quickly.

First and Foremost – Declutter and De-Personalize

When a buyer walks into your home, you want that buyer to feel “at home.” If all the buyer sees is family pictures and mementos, he will feel like a visitor in your home rather than someone who has come home. Take the time to remove clutter and highly personal items, so the home feels neutral and inviting. You can pack away these items until your home sells.

Prioritize Repairs to Maximize the Value of Your Home

In a perfect world, you will have time and budget to repair everything, but few home sales are perfectly timed. Prioritize your repairs, choosing those that will help the house to show as well as possible.

Here are items to address to Prepare your Home for Sale:

  • Repaint bright colors or areas with chipped paint
  • Clean or repair flooring as needed
  • Fix any leaks
  • Address safety issues, like broken railings or steps
  • Repair any electrical problems
  • Fix anything that is obviously broken

Every home is different, so the repairs that are most important may be different for your home than for another one. Consult with your real estate agent to learn which repairs will best benefit your home.

Focus on Curb Appeal to Attract the Right Home Buyer

Curb appeal can be one of the most important factors in selling your home. If your home doesn’t look great from the road, many potential buyers will simply drive past and never schedule a showing.

Besides the obvious, like the condition of the exterior and the landscaping, consider the driveway, sidewalks and mailbox. Also, ensure that the door is in good repair.

Fortune Builders reminds sellers that the door is one of the first things people will notice about the home, so it’s an important place to spend some time and money. Make your home’s exterior look appealing, and you will get more people who stop and take a closer look.

Stage Your Furniture and Consider Hiring a Professional to Help You

Finally, take a look around your home and determine if there are any areas that look packed with furniture. If so, try to re-arrange the furniture to create a sense of flow and openness to the space.

Buyers in the market for a home want properties that feel large and inviting. If necessary, take some furniture out of the home and store it in a storage facility until the property homes.

Remember, the goal when selling your home is to sell quickly and for the right price. A little bit of prep work before you list will ensure that the home sells well.